Favourite Mascaras for Summer

Mascaras were never a thing for me up until recently. I thought they never make a difference and they are a pain to take off and they ruin my makeup by smudging under my lower lash line. But when I found a good mascara that doesn't budge in summer for my oily lids, I was beyond excited.

I want to share my excitement for mascaras with you in this blogpost. I have three mascaras that are good for summer weather and my everyday mascaras for a few months and some even my favourites for years now.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara is my staple mascara that I use almost every single day. I love how long lasting it is on my lashes and it gives decent volume and length to my eye lashes. It doesn't smudge on my lower lash line and it is drugstore price so it's a score.

Maybelline the Rocket mascara is another favourite for a few years and it is so good in keeping the lashes long and volumized. I love using this mascara when I only have half day school because it's not as intense as the lash sensational one because the lash sensational one is a pain to remove. The rocket one come off quite easily.

My one and oily expensive mascara that I'm in love for summer is the Benefit they're real mascara. I also really love the roller lash but I haven't been using it since it's finished and I haven't bought a new one yet. I got this mascara for free since it's a travel sized one and I was impressed on how lengthy and more volumized this mascara can give you. Although it's not as long lasting as the Maybelline lash sensational one for me, I enjoy using this mascara whenever I need a good volumized lashes, I grab this masacra.

So, this is my favourite mascaras for summer. Most of them are drugstore so they are affordable and long lasting and look good. Let me know any other mascaras that you've tried that lasted you all day that you can't live without. 

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