August 2017: Beauty Haul

This time round, I bought things that I needed again and some things that I bought because it was on sale at the drugstore.

Colgate Enamel Toothpaste (2 for $11.50)
I finally finished using the old toothpaste from Colgate so this time, I decided to buy something that is intended for the enamel health. I also got a sale on this toothpaste at 2 for $11.50.

Another sale that I caught from the drugstore is from Watsons. They have this sale when you buy 3 things, you get 33% off of the total price. You are able to mix and match certain brands either be makeup products or skincare products. So, I decided to get the things that are raved amongst the reviewers and cult favourites which are on my wishlist for a while.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation (Buy 3 get 33% off)
I am so excited to try the Fit Me foundation. Although this product has been in the market in US for so long, we don't have this product available in Singapore market. Recently, they finally introduced this product in Singapore so I decided to purchase and give it a try.

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer (Buy 3 get 33% off)
Another product that is recently introduced in Singapore drugstores. This product is highly raved by the beauty bloggers and vloggers that I adore so I got sucked in and purchase. Another reason was that my drugstore is having sale for buy 3 get 33% off. I will try it and write reviews about it soon.

Loreal Color Riche in Sunset in Cannes (Buy 3 get 33% off)
I have been going to Watsons and trying this lipstick for so many times. I thought I was a nude lover but I guess I was wrong. I love this lipstick colour and I can't wait to wear it more often. Also, it was on sale so, I decided to purchase since I love the colour so much.

Lush Fresh Face Mask in Don't Look at Me
Another thing that I have been trying from samples but never decided to buy the full size one. This time, I finally gave in after trying for so many times. I adore this mask and I was thinking I want to do face masks everyday (which I'm failing to do in September).

Lush Fresh Face Mask in Rosy Cheeks (Sample)
When I bought the Don't look at me face mask, Lush has kindly gave me a few of their other fresh face masks to try out. This is one of the two. I'm so excited to try this because of the rose scent and the benefits that I heard from the promoter. Can't wait to use it!

Lush Fresh Face Mask in Love Lettuce (Sample)
Another face mask that I got from Lush. I have yet to try the Love Lettuce so I am excited to try the face mask. I heard great things about the love lettuce on how soft the skin felt and how moisturised the skin felt after using. I'll be trying this face mask tonight and will let you know how it went.

Renew Rose Hip Oil
Ohhh, rose hip oil, I love how it made my skin radiant and plump from the first bottle. I decided to buy a second bottle to test using it on my arms because my whole body is a freaking Sahara desert. Also, I think rose hip oil lightened my acne scarring so I'm hoping it would do the same thing to my arms.

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