August 2017: Beauty Declutter

In this month, I want to purge the products that I haven't used or lightly used and don't see myself using soon. I have a few that I'm purging and sell them on sites like ebay or gumtree or similar sites.

Sephora Birthday 3 Mini Eyeshadow Pans
I have had this product twice in 2 executive years and this time round I decided to purge with it since I'm using the old one. The quality is not bad and I like the colours. But I already have one set so I don't see myself using another set. It's brand new in the box so I decided to purge it from my collection and sell it. This is the set I got for this year's birthday so it's not that old also.

Sephora Birthday 2 Blushes
Another birthday present that I got from Sephora this year. I have never gotten the blush before but the reason why I'm purging it was because I don't see myself wearing the product. I already have blushes that I truly love and they last a long time so I'm just parting ways with it. I'll also be selling this product as well since it's still in the packet brand new.

Sephora Wishes Come True Eye & Face Palette
This is a face and eye palette from Sephora from last year's Christmas collection. I love the colours and I've touched a few of them to swatch and play around but they are lightly used so I decided to sell as pre-loved product. The quality is nice but I don't use it as much as I would like them to be so hence the purging.

The Balm Betty Lou Manizer
I love this product. I use Betty Lou as a blush, bronzer and highlighter combined. Sometimes I even use it as eyeshadow. But I don't reach this product as much as I would like to anymore so I decided to part ways with it. The quality is very blend-able and pigmented so if you are thinking of purchasing it, I would highly recommend it.

Essence All About Roses Eyeshadow Palette
Another palette that I'll be parting ways. I don't mind this palette since it's not too bad but it doesn't wow me either. I would like it use it more often but I rarely reach for it so I'm decluttering it from my collection.

Urban Decay Naked Flushed in Streak
Another product that I like but never reach for it. It's very lightly used so I'm planning to sell it as pre-loved. The quality is nice and very compact but I never reach for it for some reason. Hence, the reason for selling it.

NYX Glitter in Gold
It won't be in the photo because I've already sold it. It was the product that was sold before I took photograph for this blogpost. It was almost brand new and gently used so I decided to sell it. The quality is nice though. I love the glitters but I'm the person who doesn't wear glitter so much so I just decided to sell it.

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