3 Sheet Masks you should try

After a week of not writing any post on my blog, I am thrilled to be back on writing before I get extremely busy with university work. Life is getting tougher when I'm at the last trimester of Master degree. The good thing for my blog was that I have a few blogposts that I have already written so I can just schedule them. I will talk about my tips on blogging every day in a few weeks. I just need to think about what tips that helped me the most during my time.

But today, I want to talk about the sheet masks. I have been face masking for a long time and I love face masks. When you give proper time to do them as much as you can in one week, your skin will thank you for giving amazing treatment after a full day of stress, makeup, oil, environmental pollution and dust combined in those little pores.

So, one tip that I want to share with to maximise the potential of any face masks to have a proper cleansing routine. Cleanse your face throughly without any harsh chemicals but a gentle and nice cleanser and then apply face masks.

Daiso Horse Oil Sheet Mask
I was as shocked as you when I saw horse oil sheet mask from Daiso. In Japan, using horse oil in beauty products are not rare at all and you'll see a lot of sheet masks and skin care items using horse oil. But for the texture and the quality of the sheet mask is good. It's moisturising to the skin and it replenishes the skin. They also have other sheet masks that has different ingredients if horse oil is not your thing. It is around $2 from Daiso in Singapore so it is at a affordable price.

Watsons Refreshing and Moisturising Facial Mask
If you have been following my blog, this facial mask is one of my favourites and this was a gift from my friend's mom. I loved using it because of how refreshing it feels on my skin. It has a wide sheet to cover my giant face and it moisturises my skin very nicely. Will recommend to all skin types.

Timeless Truth, Hydra Intense Black Charcoal Mask
This sheet mask is the most expensive one out of all three. I love the fact that it is charcoal mask so it will remove impurities at the same time providing a nice moisture back to the skin. Surprisingly, it became one of my favourite masks to put on although I use it sparingly just because of the price. If you are normal oilly gal, I recommend you to use normal charcoal mask as this is more catered towards moisturising.

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