September 2017: Monthly Goals

This is the first time I'm writing a blog post about my monthly goals. If you have saw my New Year Goals and my post on Mid-year resolution check, you'll know that my main goal is to finish my MBA, learn about myself and read more books and create more.... and so on.

Well, they are indeed the goals that I'm trying to achieve but at the same time, I feel that some of them are too broad to actually do so I want to create this section called "Goals" where I talk about my short-term goals for the month or for the week even if I have some goals that I want to accomplish.

I'm not exactly a habit tracker person since I can't do routine things on a daily basis. But I still have goals that I want to do every month and there are things that I do without even saying to anyone. So, from September, I thought I would check in and write a blogpost about my goals for keep sake. It's like writing my goals down in some book that I no longer keep but digitally and let people read my goals.

So, these are the goals that I would like to accomplish in September.

In September, I would like to keep up with the $3 savings per day. 
In August, I did a $3 savings per day in order to save up money since I've been spending quite a lot of money these days. I want to keep up with that savings. If you are wondering that I save up very little, well, it's because I only get $20 per day for my food, transportation, clothing, detergent, toiletries and everything else so it's quite difficult to save up. But, I still want to save up money so that's my goal for the month.

In September, I would like to keep up with my face masking everyday routine. 
In August, I did face masking every single day for the most part and I loved how it made my skin feel so, I want to continue with that. Although it's annoying when you are super sleepy but it's okay if you skip a day or two. I didn't do everyday during August but for most of the days so, I'm still pumped to do masking. Also, my skin felt amazing so I would like to continue in September as well.

In September, I would like to read more. 
Well, it's not like I'm not reading in other months. In July, I finished like 3 books and in August, 2 books and I really enjoy reading. Especially while on the train (MRT) because usually I don't get to sit down in the MRT so I would like to read and spend time while I'm on the train. So, I would like to continue that pace to read more.

I hope it will help you or motivate you to start having small goals every month that you look forward to. I'll see you tomorrow with my "My Week in Photos" series.

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