My Week in Photos (Week 34)

I finally have one week of holidays for this week and I'm so pumped about it. Time to rest my ass off and do my blog plan for the month. Well, this week was uneventful week since it's finally my time to rest and write some of my blogging stuff since I'm back to blogging everyday.

I'm so excited to eat KFC's double down since last time it came out (around 4 years ago), I was in Myanmar and I missed to eat. So, this time, I definitely ate double down which is like 2 pieces of meat as bun and in the middle is bacon and pineapple and some condiments (sounds so fatty food) but it tasted so good!

Eventful things that I did was taking photos of my blogposts, fiddling with photoshop and watching anime when I have free time. I don't want to go back to school next Monday! But I'm excited because it's my last trimester and after this, I'll be a graduate. Can't wait to graduate and find job and start earning income.

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