My Week in Photos (Week 33)

Woohooo! All my exams had finished! I get one week of break before my last term studying MBA. This week's exams were HRM and Marketing and I did okay for both of them, i think!
Marketing exams were super difficult but I managed to finish all the questions. I don't know whether the answers I wrote are correct or not. hahaha

Anyways, I managed to meet my boyfriend during the weekends before the HRM exam and went out with him to Tuas side since both of us haven't been there before. It was an interesting place without the crowd. On Monday, on my exam day, he was sick but we decided to eat out that night. Then my marketing exam, my last exam day, after we finish the exam, me and a couple of my friends decided to go to the Gordon Ramsay's restaurant in Singapore called "Bread Street Kitchen" as a congratulate dinner and some fancy food. It was out of the world. Then, yesterday, my very first holiday, I spent the day watching Korean drama, sleeping and occasionally watching anime to spend my time.

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