My Week in Photos (Week 31)

This is the week where I have the free time to study and relax. And most of the time, I was busy writing these blogposts to last through my 2 weeks of final exams and I haven't started studying. "WHAT AM I DOING?" omg!

Anyways, I really enjoy spending my time this week at home writing blogposts, did some video work and I got time to play with my video editing skills and Lightroom and Photoshop more often. I enjoy them a bit too much though! 

Now, from tomorrow, I got 2 days to study for my finals so time to start studying! I don't want to study urgh!

Anyways, tomorrow is the start of my monthly favourites and monthly empties marathon so come back tomorrow to see my January Favourites! And read more of my "My Week in Photos" blog series if you would like (I'd be happy if you do though). 

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