My Week in Photos (Week 30)

I had 3 assignments due on this week and I was too stressed already. I wanted everything to be over which it did. The boy always order a lot more than what we can eat and he eat everything even if I couldn't finish. NOT GOOD FOR OUR HEALTH AT ALL! Our assignments finally ended and our lecturer insisted us to take a group picture which feels so awkward since our class was combined with the senior class so not all people are familiar with each other. Nonetheless, it was one memory. 

After all the assignments had ended, it's time for celebration. As usual, I hanged out with the girls and ate BBQ and Soju on Friday night to celebrate the end of assignments. I also got some of the marks back and well, I was expecting a bit more than what the lecturer gave so.. a bit disappointed in myself. But I told myself that it was already over and I can always try my best next trimester. 

Now, I will have one week of break for Week 31 so I'm not sure what my week will be like as of me writing this blog post. I got final exam from 7th of August so I'm scheduling my blogposts. I'll probably write more blogposts since I want to go back to daily blogging and try to finish what I haven't finished and probably study for the final exams. Wish me good luck guys! 

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