My Week in Photos (Week 29)

I got major assignments due this week and I was super stressed. I wasn't sure what to do for my presentations, assignments simultaneously with social life. But I guess, I managed to deal with them with lots of hair loss and lots of sugar to function my brain.

Another happy thing that happened this week was the birthday of my boyfriend. I was super happy that I actually make time to spend time with him and hang out. The thing that I've been enjoying is my social life. I made time to go out with them and hang out although it was hurting my wallet for a bit. Another big purchase that I did was the purchase of the war machine that I'm using right now, my iMac. Yes, I did actually bought an iMac since my windows laptop was not functioning the way I wanted it to be. So, I sold it and bought the iMac for myself. I will talk about it in another blog post.

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