My Week in Photos (Week 26)

Let me start the week with the bad news. I kinda broke my iPhone. I was trying something new and I kinda broke it. I went to Apple store but they said it couldn't be fixed till I had to put it in servicing. Then the fairy godmother (aka, the boy) said he wanted to buy a new phone and gave me his old S7 to me. 

The weekend was to go National Gallery to see Kusama Yayoi exhibition but it was too crowded so we thought we could come back another day. But I managed to take some photos at the National Gallery. After that I had dinner with the boy's family in one weekend. Weekdays wise, I went to school as usual, did some assignments and falling asleep. My Gigabyte laptop had some issues that I've ignored for a while but it was giving me some frustrations as well. 

How's your week like? Let me know? :)

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