My Week in Photos (Week 25)

Ahh, this is the week where I was really busy the most. I had to finish most of my assignment 1s and I had to prepare for the next wave of assignment 2s. Well, I managed to finish the Marketing assignment way before the deadline so I was really happy with that. Having friends to talk nonsense and talk academics is one new feeling that I get in a long time.

My aunt also visited me so I met her for a while. It was nice to have someone to listen to my stuff, giving me advices on things and it was nice to have a conversation with a relative. This was the week I tried to let myself go and just focus on what I really wanted to do.

I read everywhere I go! I read at home, on the bus, while waiting, in breaks, I read everywhere and whenever I can. I don't know why but I just focus on one thing and I love the feeling of that.

Knowing my past week's depression, the boy did the one thing he could do, be by my side and feed me (lol). He always tend to cheer me up with food so this week, we went to some japanese store at Tanjong Pager and although it was really expensive, he said it was worth it since I enjoyed quite a bit.

I also tried a few instant noodles from Japan and Korea this week. It was rare for me since I don't really tend to try new things. I also tried very spicy noodles from Korea. I couldn't eat properly since it was burning hot but I really enjoyed eating that.

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