May 2017: Beauty Empties

Let's talk about May Empties!

I only have a few things that I want to talk about for my empty products in May. Before I dive into them, yesterday, I posted my May beauty favourites so go check it out and come back tomorrow for my June favourites!

So, let's dive right in!

I'm going to start with the only home empty.

Bath and Body Works Papaya Sunrise
It was the Bath and Body works 3-wick-candle in Papaya Sunrise. I used this candle for many months and I just love it to death. It smells like fruit paradise, that's for sure. I'm so sad that I couldn't find this in the stores anymore but if they still have it, I definitely would repurchase it again.

Watsons Essence Bath Shower Gel
I only got the small bottle and I lasted me for so long. It was partly because I add a bit of water and use it with my foaming container and I love how it felt on my skin and I love the scent of it. I'm currently using the bar soaps as my shower gel, but I'm definitely going to repurchase after I run out of my bar soaps.

Gigi Brazilian Bikini Wax
So, before we start anything, let me get this straight! I got this to use for my peach fuzz on top of my lips and I heard it was gentle enough to use it on my face. I agree that I can use it on my face. But it was extremely messy and troublesome. I do really like the other serums and cleaners that come with it so I'll do an in-depth review some time soon.

Sephora 10-Hour Wear Perfection Foundation
This is the very first liquid foundation that I bought in Singapore and it took me 4 years to finally finish it. I know that it's not entirely finished but I can't pump the foundation out anymore so I just considered finished. I did scraped a lot and I just couldn't bother about it so I'm putting it in my empty pile. I love how it feels on my skin and how amazing coverage it gave me. I wouldn't recommend it if you have dry skin because it looks cakey on dry skin and it did cake up on me starting from this year because my skin dried up a lot during this past few years. Nonetheless, this foundation was my go to for oily skin and I use this foundation by mixing with my oils to make it not so caked up. Highly recommend it though.

Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara
I got this as a gift from Tarte when I bought the holiday collection a year back and I finally use this mascara religiously after so long. Although I can still technically wear it but it was in my collection for so long and it started drying out a bit so I'm putting it in the empty pile. I don't really feel much about this mascara since it was good but not amazing. Although it lasted on my lashes for quite a while bit when the weather is burning outside, it doesn't last all day.

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