March 2017: Beauty Favourites

Ahh, March has gone by! Time has flown by very fast. And it's time for another beauty favourites. (grins!) hehehe, not so much since we are here in August, writing this blogpost about my March beauty favourites because I was lazy and too busy to write it in April (sorry guys)

But, you get to read my monthly favourites and monthly empties blogpost everyday for the entire month so isn't it awesome?? I will link yesterday's February Empties blogpost right here so that you can go take a look! and come back tomorrow for my March beauty empties!

Okay, let's start! I have a fair bits and pieces of haircare and makeup items that I want to share my love with you guys.

L'Oreal Smooth Intense Smoothing Conditioner
How many times have I put this conditioner into my favourites and to my empties bin already? I guess a lot! I still love it nonetheless. It is smoothing, makes my hair soft and it smells great. It doesn't make me feel greasy. That’s how much I love this conditioner.

Lush Godiva Shampoo Bar
I have been trying out lush shampoo bars for a while and I like how portable they are whenever I go travelling. It’s dry so you don’t need to care about the liquid requirements through check ins nor need to worry about the liquid spilling inside the luggage. It smells like jasmine and I like it because it's inclusive of conditioning product to make your hair feel soft and smooth. However, I still like to use conditioner on top of it just because my hair is so frizzy and easily tangle so I need extra smoothness.

Catrice Bronzer in Hot Tan
This is a limited edition product so I'm not sure they have it in stock anymore. I love it though. It gives you this not too warm, not too cool bronzy looking face whenever you apply it and it lasts for quite a while in the sunny weather of Singapore also. Moreover, it's affordable because I paid $10 for it.

Victoria Secret Tinted Sheen 
I believe there's no more stock for this lip sheen from Victoria Secret. I got this lip stick from my mother as a gift and she also got it from her friend so we don't know where it was gotten. I just love this lip sheen because it's so moisturising and the colour is similar to my mother but better! I've been trying to use this lip sheen up so I've been using it every day for the most part and I just love it. I'm a bit sad that I can't buy it anymore from stores though.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara
Damn! This is amazing! It doesn't flake, doesn't budge and it stays on my lashes all day and I'm just in love with it! Though it's a pain to take off but I use oil to remove my makeup these days so it's fine for me. I love this mascara and I'm even planning to get a new one soon. 

So, this is my March favourites. Come back tomorrow for my March beauty empties blog post!

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