July 2017: Beauty Favourites

July was the very busy month for me and it was the month where I got depression and made me felt awful for no reason. But, that month, I pampered myself to death so that I feel better. And, it did.

If you haven't read my blogpost yesterday on my June empties, please go check it out. This month was less makeup products and more skincare and hair care products.

Mont Blanc Legend Pour Femme Body Lotion
When I decided to pamper myself, I usually start with my body. This lotion was the one I got years ago and never used it so I decided to start using again all over my body. Though it was a bit strong scented for my liking, it was moisturising for me and my body so I just lather all over my body. I use this lotion in conjunction with the Tarte Maracuja oil which is also my favourite this month.

Tarte Maracuja Oil
I also have had this maracuja oil for way too long and it started to smell bad so I didn't want to put on my face. I decided to mix with my body lotion and it was one of the most indulgent feeling I've ever felt. My skin was never been so plump and soft and moisturised before in my life. I have pretty dry under arms so it was so moisturised. Highly recommend you to try adding oils into your daily lotion.

Silk & Shine Frizz Control Hair Serum
This hair serum is the hair serum that I use every time after washing my hair and I love it. I bought it from Myanmar and I've been using this serum for many years and I just love how it makes my hair shiny and healthy looking.

Mucota Aire+ Treatment Moisture 04
I went to hair salon to straighten my hair in July so after the session, my stylist recommended me a couple of products for me to try. So I picked up this Mucota treatment for my frizzy hair and my corse hair. It made my hair so soft after shampooing and I use it as a mask every week.

Mucota Aire+ Veil for Straight 07
This is the product I will be repurchasing again after I finished using this one. I love it so much, it made my hair super straight, soft and feel non-frizzy. I use a pea size amount and apply it in wet hair and I blow dry my hair and it made my hair super straightened. Though, this product is quite expensive, I believe that it's worth it especially when your hair is like mine, which always curl up and not get straightened properly even if you rebonded it in the salon.

NYX Total Control Foundation
This is the only makeup item that I'm in love with for this month. It has good coverage, without cakey looking, moisturised my face, lasts quite a long time, easy to apply. It's cheaper than most of my foundations as well so I'm in love. I'm on a hunt on trying different foundations to see which is my absolute favourites and which are the ones I can skip.

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