February 2017: Beauty Favourites

It's time for my February beauty favourites. If you haven't read January beauty favourites, I'll link here for you to head over and read. This time I only have all skincare and haircare products as favourites.

Also, I was only able to take photo of 3 products since I've finished using the other 2 products. So, I have more than 3 products for this month!

If you want to read other monthly favourite blogposts, I will link the category here for you.

So, here's my February Favourites:
Origins Active Charcoal Mask
I do enjoy a good charcoal mask for when I have clogged pores and this is a perfect charcoal mask for me. I removes the impurities nicely and it doesn't take too long to dry down and work its magic. All in all, I'm in love.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel
This is another product I've used religiously and have finished using up the entire product. It gives my skin radiance and makes it feel moisturised. I love it though it was quite expensive, it was frigging 60 bucks.

Bioken Enfanti Anti-drandruff Shampoo
I couldn't find the bottle anymore so I couldn't take a photograph of it. But I've finished using it and I'm obsessed with it. Whenever I go to a hair salon, the stylist always tell me that I have dry scalp and have flaky scalp so I decided to purchase this and use it. This shampoo doesn't try out my scalp and my hair so my hair doesn't suffer that much. I've been using it for non-stop and I've even finished using it up by the time I'm writing this blogpost.

Innisfree Green Tea Sheet Mask
How many times do I need to tell you that I love sheet masks? They are inexpensive and can use daily and they are good for my combo-dry skin! It moisturises my skin and makes it glow. That's how much I love Innisfree sheet masks. You'll be surprised my collection of sheet masks from them! It's a whole lot!

Innisfree Apple Seed Deep Cleansing Foam
Well, I'm still using this cleansing foam and it's one of my favourite products from Innisfree. It removes my makeup residue and it doesn't strip my skin dry. It's good for all skin types and I love the scent also. You don't need a whole lot so it saves the product even longer to use. Value for money also!

So, this is my February beauty favourites! Let me know what's yours!

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