August 2017: Beauty Empties

Today is the day of empties blog post. I'm excited to write this blog post. I don't have much products that are empties for this month but let's start. Also, before we start, if you haven't read my yesterday's August Beauty Favourites, go check it out. So, let's start!

Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack in Bamboo
This product is kinda awesome. It's a sleeping mask that is very moisturising and affordable and easy to carry. I brought this recipe pack to Japan last year as my mask and I love it. It's very moisturising and easy to carry around. I even used it on the plane to make my skin breathe and hydrate on the plane. Will definitely repurchase.

The Gold Premium Face Mask
In August, I decided to do face masking every day and this is the main sheet mask that I use. I bought it from BHG a while back and it's been so difficult to use finish because it has 50 sheet masks inside. It is made to use everyday so I've been using it for most days in August. I don't mind this product since it's only around S$29 and it has 50 sheet masks so it's cheaper than the original sheet masks. It gives my skin enough moisture and it's very hydrating. The only complaint that I have is it's small for my face. Well, it's made for Japanese who have smaller faces and my face is giant so can't complain much. All in all, it was a nice sheet mask if you are wanting to try sheet masks and it'll last you a long time.

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste
Finally, I used up another toothpaste. It's very difficult for me to use up an entire toothpaste since I live alone so whenever I use up a toothpaste, I'm super happy. For this toothpaste, it's better than my last one in whitening my teeth and it's reasonable price from Colgate. Tip: always buy them whenever they are on sale for buy one get one free. It's more worth it.

Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil
Ever since I finished my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water in July, I decided to make use of my oil cleansers since I rarely use oil to clean my face. It's a sample that I got from Etude House long ago so I decided to start using them before they are ruined. It was an okay cleansing oil. Not too spectacular about the oil so I won't be repurchasing it again.

Magic Clean Bathroom Cleaner
I think that making my room clean and tidy is part of the beauty routine for my overall health and therefore, I always tend to add what bathroom cleaner or what detergent I use as part of my beauty empties. If you read my February Empties, I also added this bathroom cleaner in that post. I've been using this particular product for 4 years and I always go back to this cleaner to clean my bathroom. That's how much I love this product. Always repurchasing until I find a better one.

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