April 2017: Beauty Favourites

Hello, hello, welcome! Another day, another list of beauty favourites. I was lazy to write a blogpost about my monthly beauty favourites and beauty empties so I decided to write a blogpost each day about them this month. If you haven't checked out my March empties from yesterday, I'll link it here. And if you haven't seen my other monthly favourites and monthly empties blogposts, make sure to check them out!

So, let's start with April beauty favourites shall we? This month, I got five products that I want to share but I could only take photos of 3 products because I've finished using up the other 2 products. Let's start with that 2 missing products.
Lush Sex Bomb Bath Bomb
It looks like this!
If you follow me on my blog, you'll know that I went to Indonesia in April with my boyfriend for a one day trip and I bought this bath bomb to have a bath in the hotel. It was interesting experience since I've never taken a bath using bath bombs so I really loved the experience. I don't have a bath tub at home so it's a rare treat for me.

Watsons Essence Bath

I also bought a new shower gel from Watsons and I just loved it. It smells like amazing spa and it lathers quite nicely and I smell heavenly after I took a shower. Also, it was from Watsons and is affordable so I just love the shower gel so much to put it in the beauty favourites. 

Aesop Amazing Cleanser
If you read my yesterday's March empties, you'll know that I used up this cleanser and bought the full size version of it and how much I love it. So, I'm not going to say much here. Go read my March empties a bit to know how much I love this cleanser. 

Innisfree Persimmon Toner
I've been using this toner for a year and I repurchased it again and again. It's refreshing, smells great and it removes the impurities left after cleansing my face.

Wet & Wild CoverAll Cream Foundation
It is one of the most affordable foundation I have and I like to wear it more often. I've been trying really hard to finish this foundation so that I get to try other foundations that I have. Though it has good coverage and good for combination skin, it doesn't stay well in the Singapore heat that much. That's the only complaint that I have. Being said that, I still like this foundation a lot because of its coverage and price.

So, these are my April Favourites. Do come back tomorrow for my April beauty empties blogpost. 

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