My Week in Photos (Week 23)

This week, I didn't even take photos of my week apart from this 2 hideous selfie and the food that I ate on Sunday of that week. But I will give a brief version of what happened during the week. I felt that I shouldn't be so depressed all the time and I should get back to my studies so I picked myself up, told myself I'm way better than this and I moved on. I went back to school and the teacher was asking how come I didn't come for most of the days last week. I didn't feel like lying so I told her that I was depressed. The teacher knew me quite well so she was really surprised when I said I was in depression. 

I also participated in this competition that my uni was part of this global competition called Eco Challenge 2017. Me and John decided to participate just for fun since it was a game and we had some time available before the assignments. 

Weekends, I spent time with the boy as usual and we were really into Japanese food these days so we were in a hunt for ramen and some Japanese pudding. The pudding was so worth it and I couldn't finish the ramen since the broth was so thick and it was so heavy though it tastes so good. My stomach couldn't handle such thick broth. 

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