My Week in Photos (Week 22)

This was the worst week I felt with my depression. It was the peak of my mental health. I felt horrible. I decided to open to Facebook thinking of opening up to someone and I was surprised by the love that I got from my people that I wasn't even thinking much.

My friend during my club messaged me that I deserve better than this and she knew how much I can do and how strong I am to overcome this. I was overwhelmed by her positivity and her kindness. Next, a friend of my mother even called me when he saw my facebook post and told me that he family is there for me since he and his wife were very close friends of my mother's and told me to talk about anything. And of course the boy, who is always there for me any time and he was trying to comfort me in his own blunt and straightforward way. 

I also knew I shouldn't be like this. I decided to pamper myself and change myself in my appearance wise. My hair was getting so damaged with many white hair so I decided to give myself a fresh coat of colour at a good hair salon. I've been saving up money for travel or if I wanted to buy something so I knew I have money and I shouldn't feel bad if I use that money up as medicine for my heart. 

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