My Week in Photos (Week 21)

This week was tough. Assignments have started and I have no idea what I should do. Although I really enjoy learning, my days are very dark with no sprinkles of glitter or fairy god mother coming to make me feel fresh. I feel very tired and gloomy.

I think this was the first week that I started to have so much stress about EVERYTHING and I believe it was the first sign that I'll be in severe depression a few weeks from now. Although I loved my life, it felt like I was not worthy of living and not worthy of happiness. All the stuff I have also making me go crazy. Some nights I look at my room and think that I don't need this big room and all these stuff.

I started sorting my desk like crazy. I bought some fake plants to make my desk more lively and it didn't work. The weather was as gloomy as me that week also. I tried to pamper myself with the things I really enjoy like watching movies/anime. I even went to watch anime at the cinema by myself to make myself happy. But that night, I didn't feel better. Next day, the boy called me out for dinner, knowing that I'm not feeling that well. He tried to make me feel better with the only thing he knows, food.

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