My Week in photos (Week 19)

Ahh another week of school. At least, your girl made friends with the girls from our class. We know each other since the last trimester but this trimester, I decided to start talking to them more often. Maybe I was lonely? hmmm maybe. 

I started reading more books since I really wanted to make an impact on my knowledge and I thought I should re-evaluate my thoughts and my habits for a bit. Being a minimalist for a few months were great! I saved up quite a lot of money and I didn't give much attention. Being in relationship or friendship is great! You feel much better than staying alone. I will talk about my habits and my regrets in another blog post. 

I couldn't talk to my boyfriend much because both of us were so busy. We tried to send messages as much as possible but when he's free, he's already tired and sleepy and most of the time, I'm already asleep hahaha. 

So this is my week. I'll share my next week tomorrow. 

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