My Favourite Instant Noodles From Korea

Instant noodles are like the love of my life. It is an essential for my 4 years of uni life and I tend to eat it quite often. I believe you'll say that instant noodles are not good for my health, which it isn't, but I eat it because of its convenience.

I live in a rental house with my landlord and one of the conditions is that I'm not allowed to cook. So it's either I eat outside or cook instant noodles. I usually eat outside with my friends or my boyfriend, but there are days I'm at home doing my assignments. So, instant noodles come to the rescue.

I eat various instant noodles but I really enjoy this 4 types. I don't really know the Korean names so forgive me. You can always save the photos to see and buy from the Korean stores. In Singapore, I buy from Shine Korea in different outlets, one being at Marina Square where my school is located.

3 out of 4 instant noodles taste like beef broth so if you are a vegan or vegetarian, I don't really recommend. From the photos, you'll think that I like spicy stuff since they all say "Spicy". Well, it's true. I love spicy stuff. For me, most of them are not spicy anymore.

So, these are the instant noodles that I like. I think it's university students' favourite food because it's fast to do and it's filling, although it's not healthy hahaha. If you eat instant noodles, let me know what are your favourites so that I can try more variables.

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