$20 Makeup Challenge

I was looking at my old photos from my hard drive and I found out that I took the proper $20 makeup challenge in 2014 which was like 3 years ago. Having said that, taking a challenge of buying somewhat full face of makeup with just S$20 is nearly impossible in Singapore. During that time, I wasn't able to find multiple items and I did not have enough knowledge of makeup as I'm right now.
But I did tried it out and this is the look I came up with. I wanted to share with you what I got and whether I liked it or not. As you can see in the picture, I got a bunch of essence stuff. During that time, essence was the only affordable makeup brand that is under S$10 for makeup items.

So, I got
  • Essence silky touch blush in secret it girl
  • Essence Sun Club
  • Sheene BeWitch Powder
  • Essence Get Big Lashes Mascara
  • Essence XXXL Lip gloss 
Overall, I think it was about S$19.85 without GST. 

So, this was the look I came up with and well, I didn't really enjoy the look. First of all, it was so emo-ish and my brows are really dark and waxy. But, I have to see the fact that I have no idea what I was doing that time.

It was so long ago but I really find it enjoyable. If I have enough time, I really do want to recreate the S$20 makeup challenge with new and improved color palettes. I do recommend you to revive this old challenge that everybody did during 2014 and tag me on Instagram at @sheisreyar.

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