My Week in Photos (Week 23)

This week, I didn't even take photos of my week apart from this 2 hideous selfie and the food that I ate on Sunday of that week. But I will give a brief version of what happened during the week. I felt that I shouldn't be so depressed all the time and I should get back to my studies so I picked myself up, told myself I'm way better than this and I moved on. I went back to school and the teacher was asking how come I didn't come for most of the days last week. I didn't feel like lying so I told her that I was depressed. The teacher knew me quite well so she was really surprised when I said I was in depression. 

I also participated in this competition that my uni was part of this global competition called Eco Challenge 2017. Me and John decided to participate just for fun since it was a game and we had some time available before the assignments. 

Weekends, I spent time with the boy as usual and we were really into Japanese food these days so we were in a hunt for ramen and some Japanese pudding. The pudding was so worth it and I couldn't finish the ramen since the broth was so thick and it was so heavy though it tastes so good. My stomach couldn't handle such thick broth. 

My Week in Photos (Week 22)

This was the worst week I felt with my depression. It was the peak of my mental health. I felt horrible. I decided to open to Facebook thinking of opening up to someone and I was surprised by the love that I got from my people that I wasn't even thinking much.

My friend during my club messaged me that I deserve better than this and she knew how much I can do and how strong I am to overcome this. I was overwhelmed by her positivity and her kindness. Next, a friend of my mother even called me when he saw my facebook post and told me that he family is there for me since he and his wife were very close friends of my mother's and told me to talk about anything. And of course the boy, who is always there for me any time and he was trying to comfort me in his own blunt and straightforward way. 

I also knew I shouldn't be like this. I decided to pamper myself and change myself in my appearance wise. My hair was getting so damaged with many white hair so I decided to give myself a fresh coat of colour at a good hair salon. I've been saving up money for travel or if I wanted to buy something so I knew I have money and I shouldn't feel bad if I use that money up as medicine for my heart. 

My Week in Photos (Week 21)

This week was tough. Assignments have started and I have no idea what I should do. Although I really enjoy learning, my days are very dark with no sprinkles of glitter or fairy god mother coming to make me feel fresh. I feel very tired and gloomy.

I think this was the first week that I started to have so much stress about EVERYTHING and I believe it was the first sign that I'll be in severe depression a few weeks from now. Although I loved my life, it felt like I was not worthy of living and not worthy of happiness. All the stuff I have also making me go crazy. Some nights I look at my room and think that I don't need this big room and all these stuff.

I started sorting my desk like crazy. I bought some fake plants to make my desk more lively and it didn't work. The weather was as gloomy as me that week also. I tried to pamper myself with the things I really enjoy like watching movies/anime. I even went to watch anime at the cinema by myself to make myself happy. But that night, I didn't feel better. Next day, the boy called me out for dinner, knowing that I'm not feeling that well. He tried to make me feel better with the only thing he knows, food.

My Week in Photos (Week 20)

Another food journey week with the boy. It's been a while I actually meet the boy so I was super thrilled about it. During that week, I was hooked on to this Salted Pretzel drink from Starbucks and I drank like 3 times during that week (it was not good for my health at all!)

We also tried curry rice a lot these days. Both of us really liked the japanese curry rice so we decided to venture as many curry rice stores as possible in Singapore. During that venture, we also gave some ramen a go just because it's Japanese food. We both love Japanese food so much that all I ate was some Japanese food! 

My Week in photos (Week 19)

Ahh another week of school. At least, your girl made friends with the girls from our class. We know each other since the last trimester but this trimester, I decided to start talking to them more often. Maybe I was lonely? hmmm maybe. 

I started reading more books since I really wanted to make an impact on my knowledge and I thought I should re-evaluate my thoughts and my habits for a bit. Being a minimalist for a few months were great! I saved up quite a lot of money and I didn't give much attention. Being in relationship or friendship is great! You feel much better than staying alone. I will talk about my habits and my regrets in another blog post. 

I couldn't talk to my boyfriend much because both of us were so busy. We tried to send messages as much as possible but when he's free, he's already tired and sleepy and most of the time, I'm already asleep hahaha. 

So this is my week. I'll share my next week tomorrow. 

My Week in Photos (Week 18)

It has been a while I update "My week in photos"

Sorry guys! I have been so busy with assignment and whenever I have the time, I was reading and resting. I'll update more since I only have 2 more assignments due tomorrow! I'm almost finished both of them but I'm lazy to do so here I am, writing a blogpost. If you haven't read my "Favourite Instant Noodles from Korea", please do so. They are very yummy.

So, let's start my week 18. Although now is already Week 30, I need to fill in the weeks that I missed.
This week was nothing spectacular since it was my first week back in second trimester and I just had full days of classes and dinners with the boy.

My Favourite Instant Noodles From Korea

Instant noodles are like the love of my life. It is an essential for my 4 years of uni life and I tend to eat it quite often. I believe you'll say that instant noodles are not good for my health, which it isn't, but I eat it because of its convenience.

I live in a rental house with my landlord and one of the conditions is that I'm not allowed to cook. So it's either I eat outside or cook instant noodles. I usually eat outside with my friends or my boyfriend, but there are days I'm at home doing my assignments. So, instant noodles come to the rescue.

I eat various instant noodles but I really enjoy this 4 types. I don't really know the Korean names so forgive me. You can always save the photos to see and buy from the Korean stores. In Singapore, I buy from Shine Korea in different outlets, one being at Marina Square where my school is located.

3 out of 4 instant noodles taste like beef broth so if you are a vegan or vegetarian, I don't really recommend. From the photos, you'll think that I like spicy stuff since they all say "Spicy". Well, it's true. I love spicy stuff. For me, most of them are not spicy anymore.

So, these are the instant noodles that I like. I think it's university students' favourite food because it's fast to do and it's filling, although it's not healthy hahaha. If you eat instant noodles, let me know what are your favourites so that I can try more variables.

$20 Makeup Challenge

I was looking at my old photos from my hard drive and I found out that I took the proper $20 makeup challenge in 2014 which was like 3 years ago. Having said that, taking a challenge of buying somewhat full face of makeup with just S$20 is nearly impossible in Singapore. During that time, I wasn't able to find multiple items and I did not have enough knowledge of makeup as I'm right now.
But I did tried it out and this is the look I came up with. I wanted to share with you what I got and whether I liked it or not. As you can see in the picture, I got a bunch of essence stuff. During that time, essence was the only affordable makeup brand that is under S$10 for makeup items.

So, I got
  • Essence silky touch blush in secret it girl
  • Essence Sun Club
  • Sheene BeWitch Powder
  • Essence Get Big Lashes Mascara
  • Essence XXXL Lip gloss 
Overall, I think it was about S$19.85 without GST. 

So, this was the look I came up with and well, I didn't really enjoy the look. First of all, it was so emo-ish and my brows are really dark and waxy. But, I have to see the fact that I have no idea what I was doing that time.

It was so long ago but I really find it enjoyable. If I have enough time, I really do want to recreate the S$20 makeup challenge with new and improved color palettes. I do recommend you to revive this old challenge that everybody did during 2014 and tag me on Instagram at @sheisreyar.
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