One-day-getaway to Batam, Indonesia 2017

I can finally make time to edit the Batam photos so here I am. Writing a blogpost about how I really enjoyed the Batam trip. The boy and I were planning a trip to Japan for this April, only to realize that both of us didn't have enough time and money to spare to go on an extravagant trip to Japan no matter how we both love Japan. We just couldn't.
We both were also planning to go Malaysia but as a Burmese, I need visa to go to Malaysia and we didn't have enough time to prepare since our trip planning was last minute as usual. So, we chose Indonesia since we came across this deal on Groupon. It was only S$60 per person and we both were able to make time for a two day trip to Indonesia.

The groupon deal came with two-way ferry ticket, buffet lunch, message, buffet breakfast for the next morning and one night hotel stay at Harmoni One Hotel. For S$60, it was a good deal for us so, we decided to go on a little short trip to Batam. The ferry gate was at Habourfront so it was easy for both of us since we live quite near to Vivo city. The ferry was at 8am for us so we reached to Habourfront at 6am. This was the very first trip to go by ourselves together after 3 and half years of our relationship and we were both very excited to go on a much needed relaxing trip.
The ferry took us around 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach to Batam from Singapore and it was really pleasant weather that day. I took quite a number of photos and Marcus took videos. When we reached Batam, there was a guide waiting for us and he took us around the city. There were few stops before lunch - a layered-cake shop, a traditional dance (I didn't have photos of it as I only took video), Polo Factory outlet, shopping district, Go Kart, temple lunch and the last stop, message palor.  
The Buddhist temple was so calming and relaxing. But, we were more starving at that point so we looked at the temple pretty quickly and took some photos there. Then, our favorite stop. LUNCH! Lunch was pretty normal. It was buffet lunch with nice dishes. It was simple but edible and tasted okay. 

The one-hour message came with the groupon deal but we have choices for add-on. Since this was our relaxing trip, we decided to add-on for message. I chose two-hour scrub and aromatherapy message for S$30 add-on and the boy chose Stone Message for two-hours for additional S$30. The message was amazing. It was my first time having message so it was a bit awkward but it put my body to this relaxation mode. It was epic.

After the message, the tour was ended and we can choose to do whatever we want. The tour guide took us to the hotel to start checking in and relax. Our room was twin superior room. We decided that we won't ask to look around other malls so we just decided to stay in bed and relax and watch movies.
Luckily, there is another factory outlet for food so we decided to look around and buy grocery there. We bought some milk and bread and other food. It costed us only S$6 for everything.
Then we decided that we would not go out for dinner but order room service. We ordered steak with salad and fries which forgot to take photos because we just chomped very fast. It was an okay price but it tasted quite good for western food.
Breakfast was another buffet type with loads of choices. We definitely tried all the little things and we couldn't try more stuff. We were stuffed. I really enjoyed their fried noodles with meat and sausages and fried omelet.
We went back to our room to shower and get ready to go back. We had time till 1pm to rest and get ready after our breakfast. I bought lush bath-bombs to try out with the bathtub and it was a new experience for me (lol)

When going back, it was raining quite heavily and I fell asleep on the ferry back to Singapore.
Now, I'll be breaking down how much we spent during the trip. As you know, we spent S$60 each for the package. We changed S$100 each on the trip to spend. We also bought layered-cake which costs us S$25, we added-on the message so additional S$30 each. We spent S$6 during the grocery shopping. We spent around S$10 tipping and our room service costed us around S$35. After spending some money during lunch at the Batam ferry station, we have left overs around S$40 which we exchanged back to SGD. So, we spent around S$130 during the trip per person.

But, we knew what we spent and where to save for next time. We can choose not to buy the layered-cake and we can choose not to go for grocery shopping. We can also choose not to order room service to save money. But what we thought it was worth the spend was the additional top up for message. I find it was absolutely worth it and I would be spending additional money for message next time I go there. 

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