How I spent my mid-term break holidays in Trimester 2, 2017

Since today is the last day of mid-term break, I thought I would share with you how I spent my mid-term holidays.

- Reading books
It's been a while I started reading books again. I'm an avid manga reader but I kinda lost interest in reading normal books. So, in order to get back to reading, I bought some e-books that I have been dying to read. Right now, I'm reading Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism by Sasaki Fumio.

- Meeting up with old friends
I dedicated my entire Tuesday to meet up with my childhood friends since one of them was visiting Singapore for Ultra. So, three of us decided to meet up for a couple of hours before she fly back to Myanmar. After that, me and my other friend decided to watch movie together and it was amazing. I had so much fun and it has been a while I dedicated myself some time to socialize and it was definitely worth it.

- Reading manga
As I mentioned above, I am an avid manga reader so I read a lot of manga per day. I read many genre of manga so, I will update what I'm reading on my Instagram (if you haven't followed me on Instagram, my username is @sheisreyar)

- Doing assignments
Even though I'm on holiday, my assignments are still haunting me to death. I had one assignment due on Monday and two more assignment due on 25th of June. So, I had been doing assignments and I'll be doing the assignments this weekend since the deadline is so near.

- Writing blog posts
I have finally gotten back to writing blog posts. I've been ignoring my blog for longer that I should but I'm back to writing blog posts. I missed how much I love writing blog posts. Especially, I love writing my personal related blog posts that doesn't really require me doing loads of steps to write a blog post. These personal posts are perfect since it's just me and my keyboard to type.

- Cleaning my room
I do clean my room every few days but what I mean is cleaning extra. Changing my bed sheets, washing them, washing my blanket, deep cleaning my room, wiping the dust in hard to reach areas, deep cleaning the bathroom were some of the stuff I do during long breaks.

So, these are the things I did during my one week break for mid-term holidays. What did you do for your long holiday break? Let me know!


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