3 things I wish I have more time for

I was reading Erin Azmir's blog post about how she wish she has more time for doing the things that she loves and I got inspired by her post. I thought I would do the inspired post with 3 things I really wish I have more time for currently.

When you see my current blog posts, you'll think that "Reyar, you have been updating non-stop these days though. How come you wish you got more time for blogging when you are updating almost everyday for the couple of days?" Well, my thoughts exactly. The thing is I haven't been updating as frequent as I would like. When I have the time, I update a lot and when I am stuck with assignments, I tend to ignore the my blog. I really want to change that and update on a regular basis.

As of now, my mind is totally exhausted. Not that I rest very little, I sleep for 8 hours per night and yet my brain feels like it is exhausted. I want to rest properly for my brain to relax and feel awesome to increase my productivity and concentration.

"I really want to read a lot more." This is the sentence I tend to tell my friends and to myself quite often. The thing is I don't know what books to read since there are millions of books out there. I'm more into non-fiction and science fiction books rather than normal fiction or young adult category books. But I sometimes tell myself to read fiction books as there are thousands of awesome ones out there and I want to gain the fun of reading fiction books.
So, please give me recommendations of books that I should read. I just recently finished the Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism by Fumio Sasaki.

So, this is the things I wish I have more time of doing. What's yours? Let me know!

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