My Week in Photos (Week 16)

Well, my exams are finally over! I'm so happy. 
Exams wise, I don't know. I just write down whatever I can remember. I'll do a what I think about this trimester in an upcoming blog post very soon. Now, what I'm thinking is to hopefully pass all the exams. I did everything I could so, I'm trying hard to be positive. 

If you have seen my life update, you'll know that I want to start doing something new. Well, I don't want to tell what exactly the new thing is all about, but I can say that it's definitely something related about anime. 

Yes, you've guessed it. I want to start a new blog all about anime, manga reviews and first impressions. Currently, I've been reviewing some anime stuff in this blog but I find that it's not very appropriate and not related since I mainly talk about my personal-life and some beauty stuff over this blog so, I wanted to start clean by creating a brand new platform for my love for anime and manga. 

I do not want to give the name since I'll be with another alias name talking about anime and manga. So, I really hope you forgive me for not telling the name. I want to create a community where I can talk freely about anything anime related so, that is why.

Speaking of anime/manga, this Anitomo manga is the one I'm currently reading and I love it! It is so cute yet so funny and I especially love the brother's role and personality. It's shoujo and romance and comedy story so if you are interested, please give it a go.

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