My Week in Photos (Week 15)

Ahhh Exams are starting! This was the week where my finals were starting and I was freaking out. During the weekend, I was with the boy at his house hoping I would study since I couldn't really concentrate at my house and well, I was a bit able to study for one module. Not so bad. At least, I was able to study. 

I also had dinner with the parents eating Chinese dinner. It was quite nice since we don't really eat chinese food when we were alone. You'll know I usually gravitate towards Western or Vietnamese or Japanese food if you have been following my "My week in photos" series

Btw, for my Burmese readers, Happy Thingyan (Water Festival)! I haven't been participating the water festival for the past 3-4 years and I miss them quite a bit. Every year, I always had exams during the water festival and I couldn't go back to Myanmar. Next week, my finals will be over and I'm super excited about it. Can't wait to go to Indonesia for holidays with the boy. 

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