My thoughts on taking post-graduate certificate

Some you might know I was studying a post-graduate certificate before my progression to Master Degree. This is a certificate that is part of my road to Master degree since I don't have working experience.

Yesterday, I got my results on my Grad Cert and I was a bit surprised on the marks that I got. Well, I was the type who doesn't do the assignments properly and didn't study properly for the exams. Despite that, I got a few "okay" marks from my sloppy effort.

So, I'll forward to my thoughts on taking post-graduate certificate. 

I only take post-graduate certificate because I wanted to progress into my Master degree but I didn't have working experience into go into the Master course directly. This post-graduate certificate has the same coursework as the very first trimester of MBA so whether you are studying MBA (Master of Business Administration) or GCBA (Graduate Certificate in Business Administration), you will be studying the same modules/courses in the very first trimester of the university.

When studying the graduate cert, you will need to accomplish the required modules in order to progress into the MBA program. You will need to get at least a passing grade (50%) of each modules to pass the grad cert. 

As I said earlier, I started taking grad cert because I wanted to progress into the MBA program and during the 4 months duration, I had experience that I want to emphasise further. As I finished my Bachelors degree from the same university, University of Newcastle, Australia, I already had some ideas on how the coursework will look like. 

Most of the UON modules consists of assignments and formal examination so time management is the most important when you are thinking of taking a program from the University of Newcastle. I'll talk about my experience on attending the bachelor's degree some time soon so please stay tuned. 

UON has a very heavy assignment based courses and if you can't manage the time well, you'll most likely not do well in the course. As I said earlier, most of the courses have assignment and formal exam so when breaking down into details, the assignments can consist of two to three assignments. Most modules have one or two individual assignments and one or two group assignments. It depends on different modules and different requirements. So, make sure to read the "Course outline" if you are planning to take the program. 

For the grad cert term that I took, I got four modules. They were Managing Under Uncertainty, Accounting and Financial Management, Organisational Behaviour and Foundations of Business Analysis. Let's go through my experience on each modules.

Managing Under Uncertainty is the module where I had loads of trouble understanding and acing the assignments. The assignment wise, it was two individual assignments and one group assignment. It was open book exam for the module so make sure to buy the textbook for the open book exam.

Accounting and Financial Management module is kind of fun for me. During the time, it was a famous module that the passing rate is really low. So, make sure to practice the statements, ratios and do the assignments properly and give presentation properly in order to get good grades.

Organisational Behaviour module is very theory based module. Assignments wise it was one individual assignment and one group presentation. Final exam is very theory and application based exam so make sure to know the models.

Foundations of Business Analysis module main studies about the importance of market research and statistics. The teacher was very helpful with the assignments so make sure to do really well on the final exam. Final exam was mainly MCQ and short answer questions so prepare well.

UON has tendency on clashing the assignment due dates very closely so I had to manage the time properly. If not, you'll be very stressed. Since I've finished the post-grad cert now, I can say that if you are wishing to get a cert for work, I don't really have information on whether the grad cert will provide career development for you since I'm not working. But as a passing stone for MBA, I think it's worth it.

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