My thoughts on leading bara-iro seikatsu 「バラ色生活」

Today was the opening ceremony of PSB Academy and seeing how some of my friends are involved in the ceremony as part of staff. I was looking at their Instagram stories, status and thought of how they can participate in the events and how they manage their time from assignments, social life and sleep.
Then I was watching Hyouka and realized that I'm definitely like Oreki Houtarou who likes to conserve the energy or as you would like to call it being lazy.
My point is everyone has different takes on living their lives and everyone is different. The way I see life may much be different on how other people might see it. So, let's not stereotype and discriminate people based on an opinion that this and this person is leading a boring life or this and this person is thriving their lives. Just live the best in a way that you can, enjoy life while it's possible and love the way you live no matter how you live. Live to the fullest. ( ◠‿◠ )

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