My Week in Photos (Week 9)

Well, today is Friday again. One week gone by so quickly that I couldn't even feel properly yet. Today for the first time in this year, I missed a video on my YouTube channel. I'll need to film again to start uploading again. Damn, I feel so overwhelmed by the amount of things I need to do. I guess, that's what Master Degree is. If you read my blogpost on my birthday, you'll know that this week was my birthday week where I reached 22 years old. I'm getting old omg. So, the boy decided to treat me a very nice dinner a day before and stayed with me the entire day on my birthday. Well, I had to go to school for the entire day on my birthday so my birthday went by pretty fast. 

There were 4 things that were exciting happened on my birthday. 
1. I passed the accounting exam! (omg I'm so happy. I still can't believe, I passed the exam. Well, it's more like the mid-term exam)
2. I got a call from mother that I can buy anything I want as a present and tell her what I buy as my birthday present.
3. I got red packet from my landlord to buy anything I like as my birthday present.
4. Everybody in my class said happy birthday on my birthday which was never happened before. 

Those 4 things made me really happy. Well, those happy things went by pretty fast because now I'm stuck with a lot of things to do by this weekend. So, I'll be back to doing my assignments when you are reading this post.  

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