Happy 22 Birthday ME!

Dear blog readers,

When you are reading this at 12 AM, that means that I'm already 22 years old and I'll probably be getting a call from my boyfriend at the middle of the night to say "Happy Birthday" to me. Well, that's not gonna happen just so because I know him very well and he's probably not gonna call (lol)

But, nonetheless, I'm going to be 22 and for some reason, I'm so not ready to be 22. I still feel like I'm a 12 year old kid running around and studying a Master Degree. I got the whole day of class on my class so I won't be celebrating like other kids who celebrate on their birthdays and my mother will probably won't call me either just because I know she's very busy with her work. 

Again, I got the entire day of class with Accouting module and Organisational Behaviour module on the day so I'll probably need to study more often. I hope I won't get the Accounting exam results back on my birthday saying I'd fail. I hope I don't fail though. I don't want to get the bad results on my actual birthday haha

For the birthday celebration, I'll probably be eating out with the boy since I know he took leave to celebrate. Too bad Marcus, I got whole day of class when you'll be at home lazing around. But I got affirmation from him that we'll celebrate my birthday after my exams from going to Japan. Now the hard part is how will I tell my mother that we'll be going to Japan for one week?

Well, I'm excited to go back to Japan because I absolutely love Japan. This time round, I want to go to Kyoto, Nara and Kamakura which we didn't get to go last time. Let's just say that I'm excited but I need to do assignments and final exam first before I can go to Japan. 

Wish me luck!

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