I was so anticipating to watch this anime, Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale ever since I heard the news that there will be a movie about it. Finally I got to watch the movie on 23rd of Febuary. I couldn't get the ticket for the world premier which was held on 18th of February and I was really sad about it. I thought I could get tickets but nope, it was sold out very fast.
For people in US, I believe the movie will come out in March, according to the SAO US official website.
Okay, let's start the review.
First of all, IT WAS AWESOME! (ahahaha) I recommend you to start watching the first two seasons first before you watch the movie. I believe a lot of people who watch Ordinal Scale already watched the SAO series before. Since it's about Augma (Augmented Reality), which is much closer to another anime adapted series Accel World, which took place way after SAO.

Story: 10/10
It has a combination of sad, emotional, anger, happiness, excitement and romance emotions in a single movie and the fact that there is a balance between all of them which I enjoyed. I don't want to spoil on the story line so, I won't really go much on the story line. So far, the movie was much better than GGO arc and Alfheim arc combined.

Art: 9/10
There is an increase use of special effects that made the art great. Nothing better to say on the character designs but I really enjoyed the use of 3D animation that is a bit subtle yet effective. I can see a big jump in quality when you compare to GGO or even the original SAO arc.

Character: 9/10
Well, nothing much to say to the old characters but I really loved the way they manipulate emotions of a character to help sympathize on the character. New characters - Yuna, Eiiji and Prof. Shigemura were a necessity in order to make the story shine. I guess a lot of people will say that Yuna is cute. She is indeed cute though. #YunaLOVE

Sound: 8/10
The soundtracks were awesome but I still prefer the first SAO and the Mother Rosario arc more than OS arc's soundtracks. I love the new Lisa's song though. It has been a repeat on my Spotify playlist these days.

Enjoyment: 100000/10
The soundtracks, the art, the story and the characters combined made a great movie and I enjoyed the movie to death. Moreover, with the Atmos sound system from the cinema, it made me want to set up the Atmos sound system at home to watch anime. The difference is insane. With the story provided, it made me fall in love with the characters more.

Overall: 9/10
It was really a good movie overall. I especially loved the second half of the movie since it gets more dramatic. All in all, it's on my top list of anime to re-watch.

PS. Please wait till the credits end since there is more to come. 

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