Life Update

It's been a while I publish a blogpost here on my blog as I was really busy with school. Being a master degree student is tough since the lecturers are a lot stricter and the subject that I was studying was a lot harder since I'm not familiar with them.
Well, being a procrastinator as I am, I always tend to do my assignments last minute and even though I have been wanting to change that habit, it's been a tad bit difficult to change it completely.

There are a lot of blogposts that I want to write as soon as possible but I think my hands are tied until April as I'm rushing all my five assignments which will be due in 3rd week of March.

If you want content from me, I upload every Monday and Thursday on my YouTube channel so please feel free to watch my videos. As for my blog, I'll be updating soon since taking photos and edit them are the most time consuming part of my blogging process. So, I'll make sure to find time to take blog photos and start publishing them.

Wish me luck, and I love ya'll.

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