3 Things I want to do but....

I was reading some blogposts from Gosia whom I totally adore, she really is gorgeous and her blogposts are always very inspiring and there I was creeping out and reading her entire blog. I came across this recent blog post that she had written called "3 Things I want to do, but... There's always a "but"" and I was so inspired to write my own version to the title.

The post kind of represented who I am currently, learning and doing things that I don't really enjoy. I have other things that I really want to do but there are several obstacles between me and things I want to do. That's why I decided to pick 3 things from a long list of what I want to do but having excuses not to do them:

  1. Read more books - I know the benefits of reading books but yet I still don't really read much. I read manga, which is kind of a book or sort?, but I don't really read much of fiction or non-fiction books as much as I should. My excuse were always I got bored while reading. Well, I did attempt to read from time to time but seems like I never really succeeded reading a proper book.
  2. Exercise - I always find excuses to do exercising which again is really beneficial for my body but tend to find myself not doing most of the time. I always say "I realllyyyy should do exercise and work out" but I almost never even start to do.
  3. Live a minimalist lifestyle - Gosia also mentioned this on her post and I can't agree more. I've already attempted minimalism and I really love how light I feel. But from time to time, I get bored of things I'm using or wearing and having the urge to buy more variations. I need to remind myself on getting back to minimalism and declutter more often.
If you have any good arguments and motivation tips that could urge me to get doing, please do give me tips. 

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