What I got for Christmas 2016

Ahhh, Christmas, It always come and went and somehow we are celebrating it like any other person on the Earth. I did not know how the giving presents on Christmas day started but nonetheless, it has become a tradition in most of the countries. Of course, my boyfriend and I had to celebrate this year Christmas as usual. So, I wanted to share with you all, what I got for my Christmas.

I thought I didn't want anything particular this year but I still managed to get a few things for myself and from my boyfriend. I also put my video if you want to follow me and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Origins Mask Gift Set

This year round, I was planning to not buy anything beauty related as I'm trying to use up my products first before I started purchasing more things. But when I got a sample stuff from Origins, I fell in love with the overnight mask. I went to Origins counter just to buy the overnight mask, but turned out, this set is a better deal to get as I can try more masks. I always liked the clay mask since I tried it years back but never get to buy it as it was super expensive.

The Body Shop Hand Creams

The next thing I got is from my boyfriend's uncle and aunt. It was hand creams and I always loved using hand creams whenever my hands get dry. I got the Shea one and Marcus got the Moringa one. Since he doesn't use hand cream at all so he gave me his one for me to use. 

St. Ives Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub

My boyfriend keeps asking me what I want for Christmas and I keep saying "I don't want any." After a while he got annoyed at me and start pointing out things that I might like. I keep declining them and then at last, I brought him to Watsons (if you don't know, Watsons is a drugstore in Singapore) and let him buy this St. Ives scrub. I have finished my face scrub and in need of one so I let him purchase it for me. 

Nike Air Zoom Running Shoes

If you read my New Years Resolution post, you know that I want to get a bit fitter. I always wanted to buy a new pair of running shoes in black since the old one that I have was very colourful. So, I went on a hunt for a good pair of running shoes and I always tend to shop at Nike more than other brands. So, when I found this, I was thrilled to buy for myself and the boy stepped in and bought it for me saying that it will be my Christmas present (haha).

 Kate Spade Agenda 2017

I always buy a new agenda every year and this year I was determined to get organised more often. So, I bought this Kate Spade one and I've been in love. It's so feminine and good looking for a beauty and lifestyle blogger.  

 Charles & Keith Wallet

My old wallet has been so old and worn out and dirty since I have had that wallet for more than one year and it was in the cream colour. I decided to buy this black and red colour since black tend to withstand from being dirty so easily. When my mother was in Singapore last month, she told me to get a new wallet since she saw mine was super worn out and I decided to wait for a while until it become super worn down. She told me when I decided to purchase one, I just need to bill her and she'll buy as a present for me. So, this wallet and the bag below became a Christmas present from my mother. 

 Charles & Keith Bag

I have had this bag 3 years back when I first came to Singapore. The reason why I bought this bag again was because it can fit my 13 inch MacBook Pro while fitting my normal books, stationary, wallet and umbrella. It is weather resistant since water does not go inside. Those are the reasons why I love about this bag so much that I bought it again for second time. 

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