University Resolutions | What I plan to do for my Master Degree

As I'm writing this post, I'm in the class for Managing Under Uncertainty learning about the Eight Stage Decision Making Process Model and our lecturer talking about the assignment that will due in a few weeks. See how much I'm paying attention to the lecture. Knowing myself, I still haven't started any kind of assignments that is available which is like all the modules.

Having a three month gap after I have finished my Bachelor Degree waiting for my certificate and my graduation ceremony, I had a pleasure of procrastinating and watching anime day by day. That comes with a certain problem of me getting very lazy and forgetting my studies from my lectures previously.

I want to have a fresh start when doing my MBA starting from January and I want to start doing certain things that I couldn't do during my Bachelor days. There is only one problem. I'm the laziest person that I've ever encountered in my life and I lose interest very easily. So, I'm not sure how I will survive my one year of university studying a Master degree on my own.

That's why I want to have some simple university resolutions to help me study things properly and hopefully have good grades on my own without relying on any other people.

Never miss a class

I have a tendency to miss classes whenever I don't feel like going on the day so my attendance during my Bachelor years were always in red. I always get warning letters from school that I miss school a lot. So, this year, unless I'm getting hospitalised, I want to go to classes everyday and just listen to teacher(which I'm not doing that properly now haha)

Start the assignments early

I'm always the type who write their assignments last minute. My record for doing my assignments last minute was starting one 2000 word report 4 hours before the deadline. FYI, I managed to finish that assignment in 4 hours and I got a Credit on that assignment. 

Read the textbooks

I never really read the textbooks during my Bachelor degree. It's not really required to read textbooks then. Now, it's required to read textbooks since textbooks explain much more details and examples for us to understand.

So, this is my university resolution. I didn't add anything else unrelated to studies such as spend less money or interact more with people because even though it is part of my university life, it is not part of my studies. I got this idea form Erin's post about her college resolutions and decided to write something in my own way.

What's your plans for your university/school resolution? Let me know! 
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