My Week in Photos (Week 1)

As a new year has started, I wanted to do something with my life and document my days either in a written/photo forms or in a video form to put on YouTube. But, after one week in, I got bored of vlogging so I started taking pictures instead.

That's why I want to start a new series called "My week in photos" and I would like to publish it every week on Fridays. The photos will be mostly from my phone since my iPhone 6S Plus is always with me wherever I go and some times I'll use my DLSR to take photos. You'll probably know the difference in quality when you see the pictures (haha).

I have started my university since 3rd of January and every day is lectures after lectures. Sometimes, it was very interesting and sometimes, not that interesting as I'm writing this blogpost during my lecture so go figure haha

So, this is my first week of 2017. What is your week like? Did you do something fun, interesting or something that you normally do? Let me know!

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