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I was anticipating the release of Moana after watching the trailer during November. However, with the graduation and the visiting of my mother to Singapore made it a lot harder for me to make time to watch movies with my boyfriend. After my mother had gone back, I was busy with YouTube, this blog and after one month had gone by, I still hadn't watched the movie yet. Fast forward, I finally watched the movie today since I saw the movie on KissCartoon where I normally watch cartoons. That's why for today's post, I would like to review Moana.

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For movie, I absolutely loved it. It was really refreshing and it stood out among other animated movies from Walt Disney.

The one thing that stood out the most is the animation on the backgrounds. In Moana, the majority of the backgrounds are the ocean but there were few scenes on proper background and I absolutely fell in love with the backgrounds and the animation of ocean when Moana was young. 

Plot wise I'm not sure as I didn't know the background history of Maui and how it is associated with the heart of Te Fiti and the Demigod Maui. So, the plot itself is freshening and it is highlighted among the remaining movies Disney has created.  
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Character designs of Moana are not my style as they are more tanned skin toned with beachy waves hairstyle and men were covered in tattoos. I'm super used to seeing the old Disney movies so, it'll make a few times to get used to the movie's characters. But nonetheless, they are beautifully drawn has it own unique characteristics that stood out individually.

In the case of BGM, I really loved the soundtrack which I embedded below. I completely adore this song and I have been listening to this song for the past few weeks on repeat. 

The plot and the songs make a lot of people curious to take a peak into their culture and I think it is really an interesting way to expand the culture that not many people know. 

Well, overall, this movie isn't a masterpiece for me. I really loved watching it and it does deserve a few rewatches but it is not a movie that lasted in my heart as the Lion King movie when I was young. The overall rating from me is 7.5 out of 10. It is a good watch and I recommend you to watch it. It's refreshing but just not a masterpiece. 

If you want to watch behind the scenes, Flicks and the City has uploaded a video all about Moana behind the scenes with the cast.

Which Disney Animated Movie you loved the most? Let me know! Mine was the Little Mermaid and the Lion King.

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