January Wish List

Happy New Year everyone! With the new years and with a new blog schedule, I like to update what I would like to share my January wish list with all of you. With a new year, I would like to go into more fitness route and shed some pounds that I gained in this 3 years of no exercising. I'm starting my university in the new campus and I'm super excited for it. The new campus didn't have a gym yet so I'll probably be going back to the old campus to start working out in the gym since it's practically free to use for students.

So, this month, I would really like to buy some gym clothes and some workout shoes to kickstart my year of fitness. I'm not sure how I will cope with eating less since I can't seem to eat less (such an excuse lol) so I'll probably start working out more regularly.

Speaking of regularly, as a new years resolution, I would like to update on my blog more often. I fell in love with blogging last month as I publish almost every day during December. So I would definitely love to update more.

I would also like to have another blazer since I only have one blazer and it is starting to get so worn out since I wore it so often for presentations, meetings and events.

I hope this wish list sparks your motivation to start working out more.

Please comment down below what is the one thing that you need to get ASAP?

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