GTL: Eyebrow Routine

I was thinking of what blogpost I should write for today since I still haven't written one. I was sure that I was not in a writer's block but I didn't have any idea on any topics today. Today was quite a busy day since it is a weekend and I was trying to finish up on things that I have to do on weekends.

Things like doing laundry, cleaning my room, mopping are things that I have to do since I'm living alone and other things like studying and reading my textbook is a chore for me that I don't like. And I was also busy trying to edit some videos and doing some voice-overs on future videos and I'm super excited to share with you.

So, today, not being so creative, I would like to share my eyebrow routine that I have done a few weeks back on my YouTube channel. So, from tomorrow, I'm thinking of some exciting blogposts to publish so, please do come back and check out my blog again. I do try to write everyday on my blog and I'm trying very hard to cope with my schedules for Master Degrees and my YouTube channel.

How do you do your eyebrows? Let me know!

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