December Favourites 2016

Happy January everyone! If you have been following my blog, first of all, thank you for reading my blog. I'm very happy that you have been reading my blog and please do comment if you have anything you want to share to me. Second, even though this is not the first Thursday of the month to write this post as written in my blog schedule, I still wanted to share this since last week Thursday was the day to upload my What I got for Christmas post and the video below got postponed to this week.
December was a chill month for me as I tried to publish my blogposts every day but I managed to publish 14 posts during the month. December was the month I fell in love with blogging again and it was when I decided that I want to try writing a blogpost everyday in January which I have been doing so diligently. Let's start with the favourites. I have around five products that I really love during last month.

Jimmy Choo Perfume

This is definitely my scent of this year! I'm loving it every single time I wear it. Can't say much about it since I cannot really explain the scents but when you go to Sephora, please go give a sniff to this perfume. It's so amazing and I'm sure you'll fall in love with it.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel

Another thing that I can't live without. I've been using this moisturiser since my birthday last year since this was a birthday present from my land lady and I've been using every day after washing my face. This is part of my skincare routine and I'm in love. It doesn't clog up the pores, break me out and it is good for oily/combination skin like me. If you have dry skin, there is also another version of this moisturiser for dry skin. 

FAB Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask

I finally finished using this product this month and I find it really amazing for pick me up skin. Sometimes, my skin get really dry during the night so I tend to use it as part of my night time skincare routine just to moisturise my skin a bit more. I love the scent of it since it really smells like oats and I love the way it moisturises my skin. So, highly recommended. 

Premier by Dead Sea Premier, Exfoliating and Cleansing Facial Gel

Oh, Premier Dead Sea line, I bought this product just to try it out and when I actually bought it, I kinda hated this product. It was really gentle and I couldn't feel the exfoliating the skin enough. Now, I have the whole new obsession to this product. As I mentioned before, this exfoliating gel is really gentle on the skin so I use it every other day to gentle exfoliate my skin. It smells fresh and I can feel the moisture when I finished using this product. I highly recommend this product.

Queen Helene, The Original Mint Julep Mask

Queen Helene, the best product for tightening my skin and lifting my skin. I love this product as this masque tightens my pores and removes the impurities out of my pores leaving me with tight, pore-less appearance. I'm currently using the Innisfree one so I'm not planning to purchase again any time soon but I'll definitely repurchase again in the near future. This product is my most favourite product out of this December faves and I can't highly recommend enough.

So, these are my December favourite products. What are yours? Let me know!

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