Current Foundation Routine

These days seem went by super fast as I'm attending MBA in my university. MBA is tough! As I thought! These days, there are no more playing time and I'm stuck to either doing work, editing a few videos to schedule upload them and some time for my blog.

As days gone by, I seems struggling on writing blog posts every day like I used to. Writing blog posts became a tough thing to do as I do everything on my own from taking photos for my blog to sit down and write them.

I feel so ashamed of myself trying very hard to cope with time management and actually being productive with the time that I have without exhausting myself. MBA is tough as I said before. It requires a lot more reading than my BIT and I suck at reading textbooks. I wonder how I'll go but 9 days in January, I'm really struggling to manage my time.

I'm greedy when it comes to making quality content instead of just putting of something just to fill the daily quota (ashamed to say that it is something like what I'm doing right now) but sometimes I hope you will forgive me for not having proper idea on what kind of topic that I want to write daily.

So, for today, I want to share my current foundation routine that I've done a while back. I hope you enjoyed it and I wish to see you again soon in my next blog post.

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