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It's been a while I update you on my blogging space since my last one was a few years back. During these years, my blogging life was in a rollercoaster and now I can finally say that I'm loving my blogging life. I'm still trying to cope with my Master Degree since it has already been two weeks since I went back to university. When you read my previous blogging space, you'll see that my previous blogging space was a lot neater and more minimal. Well, it's because I gained a lot more equipment during the past few years for my university. 
I bought my MacBook Pro when I first came to Singapore and at that time, I thought my Mac was the only computer needed for university. Little did I know that I needed a more specific laptop, aka Windows laptop to do my programming. If you are wondering, you can bootcamp my MacBook to Windows for programming. Well, I tried that for a couple of months and during that time, it was a disaster for me. Just FYI, my MacBook has a 128GB of storage so when I bootcamp, it hanged a lot just because my computer can't handle bootcamp properly. After a while, I gave in and bought a Windows laptop with my savings at an IT show. 

During my last two trimesters, I decided to purchase a screen for my programming as I needed to reference my codes a lot often during coding and having a second screen made me a lot easier to code and do assignments properly. 

Now, after I have finished my Bachelor Degree in IT, I usually write my blogs mainly on my MacBook since I use my Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom mainly on my Mac and I mainly edit my videos on my Mac as well. 

Whenever I write my blogposts, I always like to light a candle for more cozy feeling. I'm loving the Bath & Body Works' Papaya Sunrise as it gave a very fresh fruit scent in my room. 

I usually do my coursework on my Windows computer to do my assignments. Other than that, I use my Windows computer to watch shows and anime while writing/editing photos or videos on my Mac. 

That's it for my post for today! What are your blogging essentials? Let me know!

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