6 Anime to watch if you are curious about anime/manga industry

Are you curious about anime industry on how they produce anime and manga? There are several anime that showcase about how anime and manga are being produced in Japan. So, if you are an otaku like me and curious about how your anime and manga are not coming out faster than you think, I believe you will understand why after watching these animes. So, today, I would like to share my anime list to watch if you are curious about anime and manga industry or how anime and manga are being produced in Japan.

The anime that I want to cover today are from the creator and producer perspective as how anime, manga and games are created. I have animes from different perspectives such as how animes are being produced, how mangas are being written, how games are being made and how the voice actors act according to the anime.


Shirobako is an anime for those who are interested in how anime are being produced from either manga or light novels. If you are interested in working as a production team, this anime is perfect for you as they showcase exactly how the production was being made. 
Shirobako has 24 episodes and my rating for it is 8.5/10.


Bakuman is an anime on how mangas are being produced weekly in Japan. If you are interested in becoming a manga artist and trying to make a living in Japan drawing manga, this anime is the best for you to understand on how manga artists survive in Japan. 
This anime has 3 seasons and a live action movie and my rating for it is 9/10 for anime and 7.5/10 for live action.

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

Ahh.. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. If you a guy who doesn't like BL then please avoid this anime. This is a BL anime that showcases briefly on how manga are being published. This is more of a production side rather than creating side. It has 2 seasons of 12 episodes each and my rating for this anime is 9/10 for BLness (>////<) and 7/10 for showing anime industry side. 

Sorega seiyuu

An anime about voice actors and how they perform during anime voice acting. I don't have much to say as I don't really know how voice acting works so, please do watch the anime. It is cute and easy to watch. It has 13 episodes and my rating for this anime is 7/10.

Girlish Number

Again, another voice acting related anime. The reason why it stands out more than the previous anime is that this is more directly involved in how anime are being produced. It has more punch to the industry and it has some hilarious jokes and life lessons in one anime. This anime has 12 episodes and my rating for this anime is 8/10.

New Game

This is the only game related anime that is in the creator side. This anime is more daily life like in a gaming production company as a 3D artist in the character department. It showcase more on the main character's growth and how she interacts with her colleagues while creating 3D game. It is very nice to watch when you are very tired and need some relaxing anime. It has 12 episodes and my rating for this anime is 8/10. 

Since January is a starting of new seasons of anime and I'm super hyped about watching new anime. I'm watching almost all of the anime that is airing this Winter 2017 season.
What anime you planning to watch? Let me know!

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