5 Best Shounen-Ai Mangas that You need to read ASAP

Shounen-ai mangas are getting more and more popular due to fandoms and the adaption of certain shounen-ai/yaoi (BL) anime that causes the fujoshi(girls who love BL) and fudanshi(boys who love BL) to go overboard with their imaginations. Therefore, today's topic is about my best five shounen-ai mangas that you need to read ASAP.
People tend to mistake with Shounen-ai and Yaoi/BL altogether. Shounen-ai is mostly based on the emotions that the main character felt when he fells in love with another person from same gender. Shounen-ai tends to not having sex scenes in the manga whereas Yaoi manga does. Yaoi manga are mostly for adults above 18 years old but people under 18 can read some of the shounen-ai mangas. Therefore, take caution if you are reading one.
This blogpost is a list of manga purely categorised in shounen-ai.

5.  Yamette Kudasai, Mabushii Desu 

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3. Koimonogatari

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2. 23:45

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1. Komatta Toki Ni Wa Hoshi Ni Kike!

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These are my best of the shounen-ai mangas so far in 2017. Have you read them? Let me know!~

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