So, 2016 has already over and we are already in 2017! I cannot believe how fast the time flew by for the past year.

For me, 2016 was a year that stood out to me as I got to learn how human psychology works. I had a few friends betrayed me and talked bad about me behind my back during 2016, lost trust of a friend who I thought was my best friend from a small misunderstanding, trying to finish my degree which I lost my passion at, being so pretentious and tentative while socialising for being not-so-considerate of other people, being fed-up of socialising just to make friends, wondering whether friends are necessary. With so much painful tears and heartbreaking, my year had flew by in a blink of an eye. I had anxiety attacks at night and I had so much tears fallen from my tear canals.

I had quite a few good memories as well. I graduated, read so much manga that it became my stress relief, my boyfriend and I didn't break up (lol), struggled enough to pass my modules, I passed my INFT3007 with a Credit where I was sure that I was going to fail the module. I travelled to Japan with a bunch of friends, I travelled to a country I love the most with a person I love the most (Japan and the boy), I spent time with my mother, I spent quality time with my cousin talking about anime and singing non-stop, etc.

I wasn't very thrilled to start 2016 since I was already in a lot of stress and all the stuff happened very quickly to even grasp upon the idea on what was happening. However, after I finished my degree and got back my results, my anxiety levels dropped significantly.

For the education wise, I somehow lost my passion to code softwares. After I finished my degree, I started looking for jobs so that I get to start working like an adult. However, the more I search for them, the more I fear for my working adult life as my interest in programming had completely depleted from me. I couldn't stand myself working on a job I didn't like. Luckily, my family was kind enough and told me to continue my studies which I will be doing for my upcoming 2017. I don't want to say that I can't wait for 2017 since it is already here and I'll be starting my another chapter of my university life again.

I will be posting my highlights of 2016 as this blogpost is too gloomy for my liking. Nonetheless, I wanted to share what I went through during 2016 and this happened to be my dark side of my past.

What was your dark side of 2016?     

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