My Week in Photos (Week 52)

It has been a while since I updated my Week in Photos session and I missed it. Uni has been hectic and I was not inspired to get back to blogging. But, I thought I would make up for it. So, let me talk a bit about my end-of-2017. 

Boy, how I missed writing my heart out for this blog. Well, in short, I was really having fun with my new friends during uni and it has been hectic days with them. Everyday is like an outing day for me and it was really fun being with them. Since this was the last week of the year, we had BBQ in the rain (which sucked but oh well). Nonetheless of Christmas or New Years, I was editing and editing. I shall write another blogpost all about that. Anyways, since I have finished my uni, I finally had some time to rest my brain and my body. For some reason, I'm good at keeping myself busy although I have no idea how days passed by and when I realised it, it was already January 2018. 

I really want to get back to blogging though. I want to share how my life went while passing by and I'm excited for new projects that I am going to take part in the future. So, I hope you enjoyed it and Happy New Year to you all. 

My Week in Photos (Week 51)

A week has passed since my finals and I was not rested at all. I told my mother that I won't be coming back to Myanmar because I want to rest properly in Singapore. Well, let me tell you, I'm not well rested at all. Everyday was hectic. Everyday is an outing for me. There were friends who are going back to their home countries because we finished our final exams so I was so busy spending time with them before they go back. Since, they were planning not to come back to Singapore for work so I'm not going to see them for a while. I'm going to miss them but it's okay. I can always talk to them.

This is also the week where I finally decided on my next year's projects. I'm so excited about my projects which is going to happen in January 2018. I won't tell you just yet but by the time I'm writing this, I'm preparing for the project to start. Can't wait for it!

My Week in Photos (Week 50)

Ahh, I finally finished my finals. It feels so good that I finished my finals! So, since I finished my finals, it was time for celebration. It was also one of my friend's birthday on the day that we finished finals so we celebrated the occasion of freedom and birthday party combined. 

It became the selfie galore for us. I'm so happy that I have decided to study MBA and I'm forever grateful that I was able to experience this happiness. I have nothing else to say but emotional to have met these wonderful people. It was a pleasure meeting them and have them in my life. 

Till the results came out, I can rest my soul and focus on what I love doing and find out what I love to work as a professional.  

My Week in Photos (Week 49)

I really need to catch up on my blogposts on "My Week in Photos" category since I was too busy or lazy to update them. I wanted to focus on my studies, my social life and my creativity so I just didn't update on my blog for the past few weeks. Although it was a better excuse for me to not update often so I'm sorry. 

This week in particular, it was a week that my final exams started. Surviving on Redbulls to study and I was pretty exhausted on the first day of my exam. The first day was CSR day so I was pretty nervous about the exam too. I needed 18% out of 50 to pass the module so it was really nervous for me. I hope I can pass my module now that I'm writing about it. 

Well, the day that I started my exams, I was pretty stressed out so the bf always does his job perfectly as a boyfriend and feed me food so that I won't coop in my room studying all day. I also had my friends meet up to go for shopping for my friend's birthday on the exam day so, I felt quite nice after the exam and hoping for the best..

8th was my friend's birthday so we went out and celebrated for her with the gang and it was all day socialising and hanging out. I was pretty chill on 8th already since 11th will be the last day of finals for my entire MBA life. Hopefully, everything went well.

My Week in Photos (Week 48)

Hello from Indonesia!!!! I have finally finished my last day of school and I got finals next week but this week, I'm going on a 2 night trip to Bintan. I shall share another entire post about Bintan on my blog in the future. 

Bintan was beautiful. I had a great time spending time with my friends and we became so close after the trip. Though it was a short trip, it was the most fun trip that I've ever taken in my entire life. Everyone was so funny and we get along so well. 

Even after I got back from Bintan, we still meet up for dinners because we missed each other so much and we also went to Night Safari. The night safari itself was not worth it but I get to hang out with them so it was still fun for me. 

My Week in Photos (Week 47)

Omg I cannot believe that in one week, my MBA life is finishing. It also was the week of hectic with many presentations. I was also doing duo presentation with my teammate for economics and it went well. I was so not prepared for the presentation since it was confused about the timing but I think it went well. It was also the final week of negotiation stimulation so I was super nervous about it. Well, we managed to do the negotiation successfully with ups and downs so it was well worth it. I was super grateful of my teammates since they helped me a whole lot during the negotiation so, it was all worth it I guess. 

At last, the final day of my MBA uni life has came and everybody was like taking photos with the whole class so that it would be a part of our memories. I also met up with my old friend from high school and we talked a lot and took a lot of photos and it was a memorable night for me. 

I was so excited to go to Indonesia with the girls at that point. I was counting down the days to go overseas with them. I was head over heels for that trip.....

Joyful thoughts at midnight

I feel extremely blessed. For this whole year, I felt a lot of new feelings that I've never gained for the past 22 years of my life. I would have never realised this if I were like my younger self. So, in this post, I want to say some cheesy words to people that may or may not read my words. But it's okay! I'm writing because I want to cherish what I felt at this moment while I'm thinking of how blessed I am for this past year.

Fast backwards for a year, November 2016, I was at Myanmar trying to decide what I should do with my life. I have already graduated but I still haven't found any job. Something in my gut told me from my experience from being a secretary for the Business Club which I was in the past year that I should continue studying and attend MBA. I told my mum how I was feeling about this whole situation and as how amazing my mother can be, she agreed me to continue studying for one more year and get my Masters.
So, here I was, facing my whole new environment of the unknown people. Since I knew how painful I were to not have any close friends during my bachelors so I decided to try a new approach. That approach gave me respect from people and I get to become friends with them. But I was never a close friend.

First trimester was okay. I tried my best. Gave all my shot. Made a lot of mistakes. Felt a lot of anxiety and depression. Was sick a lot of the time. But it was okay. Still feeling that I was just a transparent person. People come and go. I never felt that I belong with somebody.

Second trimester, well it was messy. All the people from the first trimester branched out with other people. Some already found whom they clicked with and with whom they belonged. Still making terrible mistakes though, for me. But getting a bit better about myself. Trying to find some place to drop my anchor. Made some friends along the way and they seems pretty fun to be with. I worked my butt off to gain respect from people. I learned the hard way that respects must be earned by working my butt off. So, I did. Still very insecure about myself and still doesn't realise that I'm blessed though.

Third and last trimester, happiest and craziest times. People whom I handpicked to work with me were very nice to me and without them, I couldn't do what I did for this year. We played, we worked, we laughed and we studied and they were very helpful to me. They put up with all my complaints, all my crazy requests, sometimes I couldn't lead them anymore so they stepped up and lead the team to put ourselves together. I'm blessed to have them. They knew when I break down, and they bring me back to life. Being with them is fun, lots of laughter, very serious from time to time and I was really blessed with them. I am a weak human. I tend to break down sometimes and I tend to be all serious most of the time, didn't know how to make jokes to make them laugh and didn't know how to listen properly. I know that some of them might have complaints about me but I'm still very much in love with them. They are the ones that I enjoyed being with and most importantly, they make me enjoy my life to the best while I still can.

So, thank you for putting up with me, encourage me when I needed, praised me when I did a good job, said "you did well" when I started thinking that I didn't do good enough. Put up with my ups and downs and still say "I want to group with you". Thank you for trusting me and believing in me so, I thank you to my teammates that I really loved spending my trimester with. I'm glad that I teamed up with them.
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